(acoustic inventions)  instrumental acoustic guitar. unplugged rock, Celtic, classical style, new age with nature sounds.


(Shayded Sky)   guitars only version, far from complete,  couldn't wait to share it.
(MAKNAM DAY (august 18th)   a nonreligious and nonpolitical holiday, created by the late Leonardo Taglealavore. This special day is a day for all of humanity to celebrate life, love, peace and friendship.
(Christmas Medley (solo acoustic guitar)   finger picking, classical style
(Pacificus)   finger picking guitar overdubs, bass with light percussion
(Winds of Nemus (short version)   synth (chimes and bottles) forest wind, birds and melting snow.
(Naturality 2 (short version)   acoustic guitar, synth (arps and strings) ocean waves and seaguls.
(Naturality (short version)   synth (harp and pan flute), splashing waves, seagulls and crows.
(Morning Myst (short version)   guitar and synth with creek sounds.               


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