(the electrocrat)   electronic, experimental sounds, industrial, IDM ambient, space music, loops and overdubs


u4eah (scenic ambient)  background music  for slide show.

(AphtiRgLeAuX)    All tracks done with synths and dxi instruments. The old gateway pulled it off! amazing! L:)
(NEuTRaLieZ) This track is 4 songs in one, very industrial influenced .
(La chaleur de la passion)  On this, the Piano carries the melody. very euro sounding, somewhat  romantic.
(ANGRYPLANET lOnG lIvE tHe DwArF)  inspired by the demotion of the planet Pluto. My one and only techno song.
(Sleep deprivation) I came up with the intro bu accident, liked it and turned it in to a delay effects experiment,  an all time favorite.
SWF opus1  way too long to upload all at once so I broke it down into separate parts. In full length, 45 minutes plus, Very industrial ambient influenced.

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