(progressive metal)    experimental guitar.  instrumental rock  and metal , mostly guitar driven,


(Portal K3 (test flight horror)   done with my schecter 7 string, very experimental or just plain mental! L: )

(general necessities)    a side project from the heavier rock, not as much a change of direction.
(Cyclops Pumpkin overture)   a down tuning experiment that later became a song, after the fact
  (The Grinch in me)   featuring banjo.
(Tree Phantom files)   This is my one and only 8 string guitar song. I used my 6 string charvel 5 and recorded the guitar tracks in 2 different stages. Down tuning 4 the rhythm tracks and up tuning 4 the leads, switching strings of coarse. A fun experiment i twas.
(Hedgerow)    started out as a Marsall amp mix test and somehow became a song.
(SWF opus 2)    continued from "SWF opus 1", which is an industrial sounding electronic piece.
(Shayds of White)    Inspired by a haunting music box melody from an old thriller
(Catostrophica)    This song is way too large to upload all at one time, so I broke it up into to parts. Not entirely metal, but I thought that it would be fun to share .
(oscilation panloops)    This is a panning experiment that sounds cool on head phones. It subsequently became the intro to SWF   opus2.
(shred solo),  (Weeping Willow)  and  (lost soul) (old tape)     On these songs, I used an old analog 4 track tape deck.


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