(untitled beer)  twisted blues/rock, jazz, and slide slide guitar. Stylistically a milestone from the other three music genres.


(Amazing Grace (slide guitar)   is my own instrumental rendition of this old classic gospel song.
(Amazing Grace (original clip)   is what I recorded when I first came up with it. I though that it might be popular.
(Quickfix)   exemplifies my love for guitar players like Jeff Healey and Stevie Ray Vaughan. 145 shuffle.
(Sleepless)   is a slow tempo groove. This type of groove was helpful in my soloing developement.
(2 guitar duets (old tape)   was done on my fiirst stratocaster recorded on a 4 track tape deck.
Carlos Santana Riff (old tape)  same stratocaster and tape deck. I was 18 when I did this.


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